In this Bass University on the water bass fishing class, Todd Auten, a veteran bass angler with extensive experience in competitive fishing, provides valuable insights into shallow crankbait fishing. Auten's impressive track record includes participating in over 150 B.A.S.S events since 1996, securing 39 top 20 finishes, and achieving five second-place finishes. In 2011, he was honored as the PAA Angler of the Year.

During the class, Auten delves into his preferred crankbaits, focusing on Waterwood Custom Baits. He explains in detail why he favors these crankbaits and discusses the crucial components that contribute to a high-quality crankbait. Auten also shares his insights on color selection, explaining the effectiveness of different colors based on varying seasons and water clarity conditions. Additionally, he provides valuable information about his rod and reel setup, which enhances his efficiency in crankbait fishing while minimizing the risk of losing fish.

When on the water, Auten emphasizes the importance of precision casting and discusses the optimal angles for maximizing the potential bite window. He provides valuable guidance on identifying the appropriate cover to target when using a 1.5-size crankbait in order to attract bites.

Learn all of this and more right here in this Todd Auten "Shallow Cranking" Bass University on the water bass fishing class and demonstration. 

  • 0:20 Waterwood crankbaits 
  • 5:40 Crankbait color selection
  • 7:38 Three favorite crankbaits
  • 11:11 Rod and reel relection
  • 12:29 Components of a good crankbait
  • 18:04 On the water demonstration
  • 19:45 Fishing a crankbait

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