In this Bass University on the water bass fishing training class, Todd Auten, a veteran bass angler with extensive experience in competitive fishing, shares valuable insights on topwater fishing techniques specifically targeted at brush piles. Auten's impressive track record includes participating in over 150 B.A.S.S events since 1996, securing 39 top 20 finishes, and achieving five second-place finishes. In 2011, he was honored as the PAA Angler of the Year.

During the class video, Auten highlights his preference for topwater lures from Water Wood Custom Baits. These handcrafted wooden baits are made from Marupa Pedra wood sourced from the wetlands of the Amazon Rainforest. Auten emphasizes that these lures possess exceptional durability and exhibit a unique action, setting them apart from their competitors. He also notes that wooden baits are not commonly used by many fishermen, and he believes that incorporating them into your fishing arsenal could make a difference in attracting that extra bite.

A significant aspect Auten discusses is locating cane piles and using sonar imaging to identify fish in these areas. He emphasizes that cane piles serve as hot zones on Lake Hartwell, a specific fishing location. Auten then delves into his strategy for fishing topwater lures over these brush piles, aiming to entice larger fish to strike. He specifically focuses on teaching the technique of "walking the dog," which involves imparting a zigzag motion to the lure on the water's surface.

Auten acknowledges that big bass might not always come up from the depths of the brush pile to strike at a topwater lure. As a backup plan, he suggests using a fluke-style bait, which he fishes in a different manner compared to conventional techniques. Presumably, Auten explains the specific approach to fishing this bait, which can be effective when the topwater approach does not yield the desired results.

This Bass University class, offers a comprehensive overview of Auten's techniques and insights on effectively fishing brush piles using topwater lures. Learn from Auten's expertise and experiences to improve their own bass fishing skills.

Topwaters Over Brush Piles Chapters

  • 0:30 Water Wood Topwaters
  • 3:10 Follow up Baits
  • 6:05 More on Water Wood Topwaters
  • 13:00 Graphing for Cane Piles
  • 14:46 How to fish Cane Piles
  • 24:15 Walking the Dog 
  • 25:20 Fishing a Fluke

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