Major League Fishing bass fishing tournament pro Mike "Ike" Iaconelli loves to fish topwater frogs. They produce explosive bites, so they're fun, but they're also great for casting and fishing in places where other lures aren't an option. Some vegetation severely limits your lures selection, but topwater frogs, with their hooks on top, can be worked effectively over some of the thickest vegetation. Since many of these areas naturally look like great frog habititat, it's also a natural presentation.

  • 0:23 When to throw a walking frog vs a pushing frog overview
  • 1:06 Why and when to fish a topwater frog
  • 3:08 Overview of a walking frog, like the Molix Sneaky Frog, the movement you're looking to achieve, what helps with walking a frog, and where you want to fish it
  • 7:07 Overview of a pushing frog, like the Molix Supernato Frog, the movement you want, weight position in the bait and where to fish it
  • 11:10 Rods - 7'4" Medium heavy, like the Abu Garcia IKE Power Series Casting Rod
  • 15:47 Reels - Quick line recovery, like with the 8.0:1 Abu Garcia REVO IKE Casting Reel 
  • 16:14 1 type of line 100% of the time for fishing topwater walking and pushing frogs
  • 18:03 Fishing a walking frog effectively for bass
  • 21:51 Fishing a pushing frog over thicker vegatation
  • 25:45 When and where these 2 different types of topwater frogs catch bass
  • 27:57 Mike Iaconelli's favorite knot for tying topwater frogs
  • 29:51 Walking frog fishing demonstration and examples of good areas to fish this style frog
  • 37:02 Why switch to the pushing frog, demonstration of how to fish it and examples of good areas to fish a pushing frog
  • 47:17 What do you do when they are biting at a frog, but they aren't eating it well? Finesse topwater frog fishing!

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