In this Bass University class, Todd Auten, a veteran bass angler with extensive experience in B.A.S.S events dating back to 1996, discusses zoom super fluke fishing. The zoom super fluke is a bait that has been around for generations and is one of Todd's confidence lures. Throughout his career, Todd Auten has achieved significant success, with 39 top-20 finishes, including five second-place finishes. In 2011, he was awarded the PAA Angler of the Year title.

During the on water trainking, Todd delves into various aspects of fluke fishing, sharing his preferences for rods, reels, and fishing lines that have helped him land more fish. He also discusses specific types of hooks that he recommends for fishing the Zoom Fluke. The Zoom Fluke is known for its wide variety of technique-specific colors, and Todd breaks down a few of his favorite colors that he uses year-round, such as Crazy Chrome and Watermelon Candy.

Todd further explains two different setups and retrieves that he employs when fishing a fluke-style bait. Understanding when to use a fluke and how to utilize it effectively can be crucial in triggering strikes from bass in different parts of the country, from the south to the north.

By watching this Bass University class with Todd Auten, viewers can gain valuable insights into the world of fluke fishing, benefiting from the knowledge and experience of a seasoned Bassmaster Elite angler.

Zoom Fluke Bass Fishing with Todd Auten Chapters

  • 0:59: Color Selection 
  • 3:36: Techniques for Fluke
  • 8:55: Rod and Reel Setup 
  • 11:45: Hookset with Fluke
  • 14:33: When to use a Fluke
  • 16:00: On the Water Fishing a Fluke

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