The softstick bait is one of the most effective and widely used lures in all of bass fishing. Even though it may not look like much, this bait can often generate strikes when nothing else can. “When this bait was first introduced to me, I was like 'That looks like the most do-nothing thing I've ever seen in my life',” said Todd Faircloth. “But when you put it in the water – and you let it fall on a slack line – this bait has the most life-like natural shimmy, as it's falling, of any other bait you can put in the water.” In this seminar, Faircloth highlights the three ways he chooses to fish soft stickbaits, specifically the Strike King 5” Ocho. Faircloth opts for two different rigging methods, Texas and wacky, depending on how he anticipates fishing the bait. When Texas rigging, he often goes without a weight, but the third way he fishes in the bait is a pegged and weighted Texas rig for flipping, specifically around grass and brush. Faircloth also highlights the way he selects the color of plastic he wants to fish, what the best rod, reel, and line setup is for each method, and how to punch and flip grass effectively with a soft stickbait. 

  • 1:10 Gear Setup For Fishing Soft Stickbaits
  • 1:40 How To Rig A Soft Stickbait
  • 2:55 How To Texas Rig A Soft Stickbait
  • 4:30 How To Wacky Rig A Soft Stickbait
  • 7:00 How To Choose Soft Plastic Colors
  • 10:00 When Should You Peg Your Soft Stickbait
  • 11:00 How To Set A Hook With A Soft Stickbait
  • 14:00 Fishing Soft Stickbaits With Todd Faircloth
  • 26:00 How To Flip And Pitch Effectively

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