Do you want to learn more about grass fishing? Bass tend to position themselves around vegetation throughout the year, but finding them in miles of grass can be difficult.

In this seminar, Todd Faircloth breaks down how he fishes grass effectively throughout the year to help him catch more fish. When it comes to the spring, Faircloth typically relies on two techniques: topwater baits and a wacky rig. While the type of topwater bait – either a popping or walking style – will depend heavily on the type of structure he is fishing, Faircloth says he always has a wacky rig tied on. This technique is not only effective for fishing grass edges, but it serves as an ideal follow-up bait when fish blow up on a topwater.

When summer hits, baits like a jig and techniques, like flipping and pitching, come into play when fish are positioned more in the grass than around.

During the fall transition, bass are more likely to roam in search of bait. During this time of year, Faircloth often reaches for a frog to cover water looking for fish. Faircloth breaks down how to fish all of these baits around grass, and more, including the best jig and frog colors, when to use a jig with rattles, and the right gear setup for each bait.

Bass Fishing in Grass During Summer/Fall Seasons Chapters

  • 0:45 Fishing Grass During Post-Spawn
  • 2:40 Popper Vs. Walking Baits
  • 5:45 Tips For Fishing A Wacky Rig
  • 9:00 How To Fish Grass In The Summer
  • 15:15 Best Jig Colors For Summer Grass Fishing
  • 20:40 When To Use A Jig With Rattles
  • 22:00 How To Understand Different Types Of Grass Mats
  • 28:10 Best Setup For Grass Jig Fishing
  • 29:45 When To Fish A Texas Rig Around Grass Edges
  • 31:10 How To Fish Grass In The Fall
  • 37:10 Best Colors For Frog Fishing
  • 38:45 Walking Vs. Buzzing Frogs

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