Tod Castledine found an old bait that he made 1 cast with, then cut it off and forgot about it. Later, he smoked them with it, even though it was an "awful color". Now that bait is available from Strike King. It looks like a crankbait, and it's technically a crankbait, but Todd explains why it's unique and so much more than a crankbait. Learn about these baits, what makes them special, and why no one could get one earlier in the year.

  • 0:28 Todd Castledine talks with Pete Gluszek about the 2021 tournament season
  • 1:35 The secret origins of the Strike King Hybrid Hunter Crankbait & the story of outfishing the Rat-L-Trap
  • 5:22 What is the hybrid hunter crankbait and what does it do that makes it special?
  • 8:25 Where to fish the hybrid hunter crankbait for bass
  • 12:42 Todd Castledine's favorite colors of this unique crankbait
  • 13:38 Changing out the hooks on the hybrid hunter
  • 16:03 Supply chain issues on getting the hybrid hunter crankbait

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