In bass fishing, sometimes we have to look to the past for new ideas. In this interview with National Professional Anglers Association angler Todd Goade, Goade and Pete Gluszek discuss the resurrection of the scrounger head thanks to Pulse Fish Lures. Not only is this bait good for deep summer-time bass, but it can be used all year to target largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass around the country.

  • 1:15 Resurrecting the scrounger head
  • 2:45 Where does the scrounger head fit in?
  • 4:35 Size options
  • 5:30 Count-down method
  • 7:35 Different retrieves for different seasons
  • 8:30 Fishing around shallow grass
  • 9:20 Largemouth, smallmouth, and spots
  • 10:45 Trailer options
  • 12:20 Best time of year to fish a scrounger head
  • 13:10 Scrounger head fishing gear selection

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