Mark Menendez was in Kokomo, Indiana with The Bass University to talk about fishing crankbaits & jerkbaits in the Winter through the Spring (38-72+ degrees F). In this bass fishing class seminar, Mark breaks down various temperature ranges, where he looks for bass in the time and his weapon of choice for catching bass. Learn the unproductive times and secrets for catching bass when the water is still cold but warming. Mark shares some stories of his tournament success that will help you catch additional fish that you were already in position to catch, and a tip for getting better hookups from bass that are slapping at a bait.

  • 0:07 Introduction to choosing the proper crankbait and basic diving bill shapes
  • 1:11 The Winter crankbait bite (sub 42 degrees), what conditions you're looking for, crankbait selection for the conditions and how to crank in the winter
  • 11:58 Late Winter / Early Spring (42-51 degrees) lures for the colder and warmer ends of this season
  • 27:36 Spring (55-72 degrees) (Spawn)
  • 39:36 The magic temperature for getting the school fired up
  • 46:48 First baits for throwing at a school

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