Mark Menendez loves cranking (and fishing a jerkbait). In this video, it's all about water temperature. Mark breaks down the various temperatures where me makes changes to baits, retrieves, locations and more. Winter cold through the heat of summer, Mark discusses which baits excel in those conditions with examples from his bass fishing tournament career.

  • 0:09 Cranking, water temperature & gear ratio
  • 2:18 What does a crankbait need to look like?
  • 3:58 What to do in cold & dirty water
  • 5:12 Cranking & jerkbaiting in fishable cold water
  • 9:11 Weighting a jerkbait
  • 12:12 Slow down when the water is cold
  • 13:57 Visual aspects of a jerkbait (color selection)
  • 20:22 Line size for jerkbait fishing cold water
  • 21:04 As water temperatures begin to warm out of winter
  • 24:25 Get the right depth crankbait to maintain contact
  • 25:28 Angles in lipped crankbait fishing
  • 27:37 As it gets warmer and closer to Spring
  • 28:53 Where to look for bass at 48 degrees
  • 30:17 Focus on seasonal patterns, not your own history
  • 31:50 When to fish the lipless crankbait
  • 36:00 What's the dot on a bait for?
  • 40:02 Squarebill cranking temperature
  • 42:08 Bass like to hang out with other bass
  • 46:31 The Palmer grip
  • 51:48 Crankbaits in post spawn into summer
  • 54:17 Sinkers for weighting jerkbaits
  • 55:56 Hook sizes for jerkbaits
  • 56:51 Water temperatures to stop fishing a jerkbait
  • 58:12 Balsa vs plastic plugs
  • 1:00:20 Do you change hooks on Strike King baits?

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