In the bass fishing community, there are lots of "standards" for temperatures when things happen. Bass start moving up when the water reaches this temperature, they go back in the creeks in the Fall when it gets down to this temperature. While these can serve as a general rule of thumb. JT Kenney is here to talk about how water temperature really affects bass. What the water temperature is today is certainly not the only consideration. Learn how important knowing the previous conditions is, and where the temperature is going, compared to other environmental considerations. Temperature or moon phase more important for spawning? Temperature trend vs water salinity in tidal rivers? This hour-long bass fishing instructional seminar video is filled with information on determining the best techniques and locating bass based on water temperature.

  • 0:15 Bass don't change behaviors 100% of the time because the water temperature reached and exact degree
  • 3:03 Understanding water temperature trends
  • 10:29 Importance of knowing historical temperature data in selecting bass fishing techniques
  • 16:02 The activity of the bait and the fish determines your technique
  • 21:06 Temperature or moon phase a bigger factor in determining when the spawn starts?
  • 28:17 Autumn/Fall temperature trends
  • 30:14 How the temperature trends affect baitfish
  • 35:49 How water trends affect smallmouth compared to largemouth
  • 40:12 Rising water temperatures on tidal rivers
  • 43:15 Top 3 bed fishing techniques
  • 45:25 Water temperature trending downward in the Spring on Florida strain bass
  • 48:41 Powershotting for bedding bass in Florida
  • 50:33 Powershot lure & weight
  • 52:25 How warming trends affect bass in deeper water
  • 54:28 Stick bait line size for clear lakes
  • 55:51 Powershot bait color and JT Kenney's bed fishing tips
  • 58:51 Summer bass fishing in Florida
  • 1:00:47 Are there other factors that will change a pattern if the water temperature remains stable?
  • 1:03:26 Rain events compared to temperature trends in the Spring & Fall

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