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JT Kenney was in Columbus, OH to teach a class for The Bass University on fishing large expanses of water. Most students who attended this class were geographically near Lake Erie or Kentucky Lake. If you live near a large lake, like these, this is a great seminar for you.

  • 0:48 The best thing to do to really learn the sport of bass fishing
  • 3:10 JT Kenney talks about Lake Erie and Kentucky Lake as massive expanses of water
  • 3:59 Smallmouth on big waters
  • 5:38 Shallow smallmouth bass fishing (including a great overlooked power fishing technique)
  • 11:32 Smallmouth in deep water (including a great dropshot rigging tip)
  • 23:11 Shallow largemouth bass fishing
  • 26:24 Largemouth in deep water
  • 29:39 The jewel of this bass fishing large expanses of water class
  • 34:45 Question and answer with JT Kenney and Bass University students

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