Seth Feider was in Canada to share some of his tips for catching big smallmouth on a soft plastic swimbait. Seth is known for putting the hammer down on 6lb+ smallmouth in Northern lakes, like Mille Lacs. In this bass fishing seminar class video, Seth talks about various ways he fishes a soft plastic swimbait and the rig he uses to target the big smallies on days when a 4lb. average isn't going to even get you a check. When you need to catch 5lb+ smallmouth bass, this is the seminar you want to watch.

  • 0:10 Why swimbaits are a great bait for catching the biggest fish out fo schools of smallmouth
  • 1:11 Swimbait types and sizes that Seth Feider throws for smallmouth bass
  • 3:47 Shallow water light swimbaits (alternative to hair jig)
  • 6:30 Seth Feider's #1 swimbait rig for smallmouths and how/where he fishes it
  • 15:42 Seth Feider's smallmouth bass fishing rig for catching 5lb+ bass and getting them hooked
  • 22:53 Belly-weighted hooks
  • 24:12 Alabama rig for smallmouth bass
  • 31:12 Dropshotting a swimbait, not losing weightrs and braid to fluro leaders
  • 40:56 Seth Feider on covering water for smallmouth on expansive areas like on Lake Saint Clair

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