Swimbait Fishing for Big Smallmouth - Ryan Salzman

Swimbait Fishing for Big Smallmouth - Ryan Salzman


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Ryan Salzman is an FLW bass fishing tournament pro and a full-time guide on Lake Guntersville in Alabama. Ryan is also the owner of True Bass Swimbaits. In this video, Ryan sits down with Pete Gluszek at the 2020 Bassmaster Classic to talk about how guiding helps his tournament performance and fishing the moment.

  • 0:57 Pete Gluszek welcomes FLW pro and full-time guide on Lake Guntersville Ryan Salzman, and they talk about their experiences being a guide and how it affects their tournament decision making
  • 4:07 Fishing the moment
  • 6:02 Ryan Salzman talks about his line of swimbaits, how it get started, sizes, rigging and more
  • 15:54 Fishing big swimbaits for big smallmouth in heavy current
  • 20:39 Other lakes on the Tennessee River
  • 22:18 Swimbait colors

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