The Tennessee River chain of lakes features some of the best bass fishing in the country. While each of the lakes on the river system share similarities, each fishery also has its own unique traits. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Alabama Bass Guide’s Ryan Salzman – who won the 2022 Bass Pro Tour event on Watts Bar Lake – shares his in-depth knowledge about several of the TVA lakes. Salzman walks through seasonal patterns and locations to follow for Guntersville, Wheeler, Wilson, and Pickwick Lakes. So, if you have a bass fishing tournament, or are planning a bass fishing trip to one of these Tennessee River lakes in Alabama, and you want to know where the guides and local pros fish to catch big limits of bass and trophy fish, this is a must-watch!

What are Tennessee River Lakes?

Tennessee River lakes are a series of dammed reservoirs that include popular bass fishing lakes and tournament locations like Chickamauga, Guntersville, Wheeler, Pickwick and Kentucky Lakes. These lakes consistently produce big tournament bags and trophy-sized bass. As a result, they are repeatedly featured in Bassmaster's top 10 & top 100 bass lakes lists, which showcase the best bass fishing lakes in a region or in the United States. The dams are operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).


  • 1:30 Why Do So Many Pros Move To Alabama?
  • 2:45 The Tennessee River Lakes
  • 4:00 What Makes The Tennessee River Unique?
  • 6:15 How To Target Pre-Spawn Bass On The Tennessee River
  • 10:20 Pre-Spawn Spots: Guntersville
  • 15:00 Pre-Spawn Spots: Wheeler
  • 18:00 Pre-Spawn Spots: Wilson
  • 19:55 Pre-Spawn Spots: Pickwick
  • 22:20 Baits For The Spawn
  • 23:35 Spawn Locations: Guntersville
  • 25:30 Spawn Locations: Wheeler
  • 26:50 Spawn Locations: Wilson
  • 28:00 Spawn Locations: Pickwick
  • 30:10 Baits For The Post-Spawn
  • 31:45 Post-Spawn Key Areas: Guntersville
  • 33:30 Post-Spawn Key Areas: Wheeler
  • 35:20 Post-Spawn Key Areas: Pickwick
  • 36:40 How To Fish Dams
  • 42:50 Ledge Fishing

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