It's a common misconception that swimbait fishing only means big baits and big gear. But anglers have options of all sizes for all conditions, and they all have one thing in common: the ability to catch big bass.

In this seminar, Ryan Salzman, the founder of True Bass Swimbaits, shares his tips and tricks for swimbait fishing. Swimbaits offer anglers the ability to imitate baitfish of all sizes to target bass in a variety of ways. This is a technique that anglers can keep on their boat throughout the year.

Salzman highlights fishing swimbaits at different times of the year, including targeting sluggish fish in the winter, and offshore schooling fish in the summer. He also discusses the importance of having the right gear for the job. Obviously, when fishing larger swimbaits, anglers need to utilize longer and stiffer rods, but when throwing smaller swimbaits Salzman opts for a 7’6” spinning rod. In terms of line, he recommends using fluorocarbon for swimbaits, regardless of size – even when throwing Alabama Rigs. While many pros utilize braided line for throwing rigs, Salzman believes the clear line has truly helped him get more bites with the technique.

Salzman covers all of this and more, including when to throw a single-hook swimbait over an Alabama rig, tips for throwing a swimbait in muddy water, and how to throw finesse swimbaits.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned angler, this seminar is packed with valuable information that will help you catch more bass with swimbaits.

Swimbait Bass Fishing For Every Season Chapters

  • 0:55 Exclusive Big Bag Video
  • 25:40 When To Use Single Swimbait Vs. Alabama Rig
  • 28:00 When To Throw Large Vs. Small Swimbaits
  • 30:35 Swimbait Rigging And Setup
  • 34:05 How To Rig An Open-Hook Swimbait
  • 40:10 How To Pick The Right Swimbait Rod
  • 44:00 Tips For Throwing Swimbaits In Muddy Water
  • 45:10 Hollow Body Swimbaits
  • 48:10 Tips For Fishing Finesse Swimbaits
  • 51:20 Big Swimbaits And Line Thrus
  • 56:40 Tips For Fishing Glidebaits
  • 59:55 Tips For Fishing Scroungers

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