You can plan a fishing trip, but you can't control the weather. Sometimes rains can bring in muddy water that can change your entire gameplan for fishing a body of water. There are advantages to muddy water though. In this bass fishing class seminar video, presented by Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler and frequent Bass University Live co-host Greg DiPalma, discusses how muddy water fishing can be great, if you know where to look and what baits to fish.

  • 0:28 Fishing muddy water and adapting on the fly
  • 1:48 Characteristics of muddy water and changing water clarity
  • 2:33 What to look for and how to locate bass in cold and muddy water (Winter and early Spring) and how largemouth and smallmouth differ
  • 6:17 How mud puts fish in predictable places
  • 9:05 Awesome muddy water bass fishing lures and why they appeal to a fish's keen low visibility senses
  • 16:15 Best bass fishing colors for muddy water
  • 17:43 Should I look for cleaner water?
  • 19:20 Additional tips for fishing muddy water from Greg DiPalma
  • 21:13 Adjusting to muddy water and changing water temperature
  • 23:05 When water goes from clear to muddy, how do you know where they setup? (seasonal pattern + cover)

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