Bass Fishing Dropshot Rigs - Greg DiPalma

The Bass University's own Greg DiPalma hosts this unique in-class/on-the-water hybrid seminar on dropshot bass fishing. In the first in-class seminar portion, Greg talks about his equipment, favorite baits, leader lengths, weights, hooks and more. He then covers 2 times he relies heavily on a dropshot: bed fishing for spawning bass and fishing for smallmouth bass. Lastly, he answers some questions about line twisting, what action you're imparting to a dropshot and more.

Then, Greg DiPalma takes you out on a tidal river to demonstrate tying and rigging a dropshot, identifying key targets in the river current and sharing some tips for fishing the bait and triggering bites from bass.

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  • 0:17 What is a dropshot (aka drop shot) rig?
  • 1:49 Why fish a dropshot rig for bass?
  • 2:18 The origins of the dropshot rig and how it's evolving
  • 3:07 Dropshot tournament bass fishing success
  • 4:11 Making bass eat when they don't want to eat
  • 6:04 When is a dropshot good for bass fishing?
  • 6:38 Fishing for spawning bass with a dropshot rig
  • 8:29 How Greg DiPalma likes to Texas rig a dropshot
  • 12:45 Other bait options for dropshotting bass on the bed
  • 13:35 Smallmouth bass fishing with a dropshot
  • 17:11 Powershotting and weight selection
  • 20:45 Leader lengths for dropshotting
  • 23:08 Line weights for main line and leader
  • 25:01 Primary ways to rig a dropshot rig
  • 31:10 Managing line twists
  • 34:36 Setting the leader length based on your electronics
  • 36:00 What made Greg DiPalma start using a dropshot after years of reluctance?
  • 37:53 When the light comes on and you realize how good a dropshot is for catching bass
  • 40:27 What are you trying to make a dropshot rig do or look like?
  • 42:21 Greg DiPalma takes you on the water and demonstrates tying a Texas rigged dropshot rig
  • 47:01 Fishing current with a dropshot rig
  • 49:42 Casting accuracy with a spinning reel
  • 51:25 Why fish setup predictably on incoming tide
  • 52:00 Why fish a hand-poured worms like a Roboworm Straight Tail Worm
  • 53:00 Fishing a pinch point or a bottleneck in the current

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