Recent Santee Cooper Bassmaster Elite Series tournament champion Drew Cook joins The Bass University to share his knowledge on sight fishing for bass. Drew has a lot of experience fishing for bass on beds and when Spring rolls around, he has a system for marking fish for tournaments and a couple of baits he relies on to catch them. Watch this bass fishing class seminar video to learn how Drew cook uses his GPS waypoints to ensure he gets as many bed fish as he can throughout a multi-day bass fishing tournament, how he identifies bass that are ready to eat a bait, how he prioritizes catching males vs females, what lures and rigs he fishes, what colors baits and ultimately, how he gets them to bite.

  • 0:21 Bed fishing in bass tournaments, love it or hate it
  • 2:09 Single vs multi-day tournaments
  • 2:42 Practice & system for marking bedding fish
  • 9:44 How Drew Cook practices for a bed fish tournament
  • 13:21 Reading the fish's attitude on the bed
  • 19:54 Females vs males & importance of fish color
  • 22:04 Finding the bass bed sweet spot
  • 24:13 Spawning pairs : catch the mail or female first?
  • 28:00 Angles : how to approach a bass bed
  • 31:00 Bed fishing baits & tackle setups
  • 39:30 Getting bass on beds to bite
  • 41:20 Colors choices when bed fishing for bass
  • 42:44 How Drew Cook catches 90% of his bed fish
  • 46:39 Favorite lenses on sunglasses for sight fishing
  • 48:19 How do you fish dropshot and wacky rig?
  • 49:09 How to decide if you can sight fish multiple days
  • 52:23 How long to try to get a bed fish to bite and how long before you come back?
  • 54:43 Sight fishing outside bass tournaments
  • 55:35 Jig vs Texas rig
  • 56:45 Sight fishing a tournament as a co-angler
  • 59:48 Carolina rigs for bedding fish

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