Many anglers think of swim jigs as a shallow water bait that's only effective at certain times of the year. Drew Cook believes otherwise. Growing up, he was successful with several sneaky ways to fish a swim jig in places where other baits were harder to fish or bass were used to seeing those baits. Drew begins this bass fishing class seminar video by sharing his favorite jigs, trailers and tackle for fishing a swim jig shallow and out deeper. Then Drew does a breakdown of the seasons with some of his favorite colors and trailers for that time of year, along with ways to fish a swim jig at that time and places to fish. Drew wraps up this class by answering some Bass University student questions about swim jig fishing.

  • 0:17 Limiting a swim jig
  • 1:32 Why does Drew Cook throw a swim jig?
  • 3:08 Drew Cook's favorite swim jigs & when to fish them
  • 6:38 Swim jig bass fishing trailers
  • 11:16 Breaking in a new swim jig
  • 13:43 Are you losing fish on a swim jig?
  • 15:35 Drew Cook's swim jig fishing rods
  • 17:33 Swim jig fishing in the prespawn
  • 20:47 Swim jig fishing during the spawn
  • 23:49 Swim jig line for fishing shallow grass
  • 24:52 Swim jig fishing in the post spawn
  • 28:48 Summer swim jig fishing brush piles & grass lines
  • 35:00 Swim jig fishing in the Autumn/Fall season
  • 40:54 Swim jig fishing for smallmouth bass
  • 42:49 Where does the red swim jig play?
  • 43:47 Does Drew Cook remove weed guards on swim jigs?
  • 45:03 Using a swim jig as a crappie imitator
  • 46:35 Single best jig and trailer for fishing everywhere
  • 47:56 Weed guard color differences

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