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If you follow tournament bass fishing, you know that a lot of tournaments are won fishing tailraces (the area just below a hydroelectric dam). You may wonder what attracts bass to this area, why bass are easier to target in tailraces, or how pros catch bass and win tournaments in tailraces.  FLW professional bass tournament fisherman Luke Dunkin is here to share tips for fishing tailraces. Luke has years of experience fishing the Coosa River and Alabama River, which are know for their tailrace fishing opportunties. Be warned there are some pitfalls for fishing these tailraces, but as Luke Dunkin says, "It's a high risk, high reward situation".

  • 0:24 What is a tailrace, why fish it, and why are bass there?
  • 1:33 When to fish tailraces, baits to fish, rigging methods, tackle and how to fish them
  • 6:17 Two ways to fish tailraces
  • 9:35 What to do when the bass aren't actively feeding in the tailrace current
  • 10:39 Word of caution about fishing tailraces
  • 12:48 Tailrace fishing sometimes means having to fish in the crowd
  • 14:14 Another great bait to utilize when fishing tailraces
  • 16:15 Tip for gaining an edge and getting more bites
  • 18:39 What to do when the tailrace fishing is really tough
  • 20:37 Approaching the Wilson Dam tailrace on the Tennessee River and what Luke Dunkin looks for
  • 22:44 Swimbait fishing retrieve and how to fish the tailrace current

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