NPFL host Luke Dunkin met up with Pete Gluszek to talk about fishing flooded conditions, specifically with a topwater frog. Pete and Luke discuss some of the finer points of why a frog is a great choice in flooded conditions, color selection, and not missing fish on the strike. Speaking of missing fish, the other topic in this interview is how to deal with losing a game-changing fish in a tournament. Luke talks about losing a giant smallmouth in a tournament where he wasn't allowed to use a net, and Pete talks about how a bass fishing legend dealt with losing a big bass early in his career.

  • 1:15 Bassmaster Classic flipping and frogging flooded areas on Lake Ray Roberts
  • 1:38 Talking about frogging in flooded areas
  • 3:33 Best way to get a hookset on a topwater frog
  • 6:32 When to change colors on a frog, and what can a topwater frog look like to a bass?
  • 11:26 Getting over losing a big fish in a tournament

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