Join Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Champion Luke Palmer as he shares insights in this on-the-water class about a popular finesse technique for catching smallmouth bass known as the "Cindy Rig”, which is a technique comparable to "strolling" or "tightlining" or "damiki rigging".

The "Cindy Rig" has gained popularity for its effectiveness in targeting smallmouth bass while utilizing FFS (forward-facing sonar). Luke Palmer, who enjoyed considerable success with this technique in the past season, breaks down the key components, including his preferred jig head, bait selection, and the essential rod, reel, and line setup for optimal fishing. Luke states that the "Cindy Rig" has similarities to fishing a hair jig, but Luke believes he gets more bites with the latter.

Luke emphasizes the importance of covering water efficiently when using FFS to locate aggressive smallmouth bass. He recounts a situation where he had to adapt quickly to changing conditions by adjusting the jig head size and bait color on the fly. This adaptability proved crucial for success, highlighting the significance of even minor adjustments in maximizing your chances of getting more bites. 

Discover the effective strategies for fishing the "Cindy Rig" directly from the experience of Bassmaster Elite Series Champion Luke Palmer in this Bass University on-the-water class.

How to Rig & Fish a Cindy Rig Chapters

  • 1:00: Cindy Rig Setup
  • 3:40: Presentation 
  • 9:00: Searching with Live Sonar
  • 16:30: Covering Water Efficiently
  • 18:30: Changing Baits with Conditions
  • 23:00: Cindy Rig Conditions
  • 25:25: Identifying Smallmouth on Forward-facing sonar
  • 27:45: Cindy Rig Success 

Cindy Rig Bass Fishing Class Summary

  • Learn about the "Cindy Rig," a finesse technique for catching bass
  • On water presentation by Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Luke Palmer
  • Utilizes forward-facing sonar (FFS) to precisely target fish
  • Covers key components like jig head, bait selection, rod, reel, and line setup
  • Emphasizes efficient water coverage to find aggressive bass
  • Adjusting jig head size and bait color as needed

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