Bassmaster Elite Series Champion Luke Palmer has teamed up with The Bass University to share insights on a crucial aspect of bass fishing – the rate of fall. This played a key role in Luke's victory during the 2023 season.

The rate of fall refers to how quickly your bait descends in the water. It's influenced by factors such as the weight and line size. Luke breaks down his preferred weight and line sizes, explaining how they create different bait presentations and rates of fall.

Understanding the importance of the rate of fall in fishing, Luke emphasizes how a slight adjustment can significantly impact your success on the water. When Luke has confidence in a bait he often has 3 rods rigged up with the same bait with different weight and line sizes that alter the rate of fall.

Luke provides guidance on when to alter weight sizes, particularly in techniques like flipping and pitching. For drop-shotting, another effective tactic, Luke shares his preferred weight and line sizes to maximize the time your bait spends in the strike zone, increasing your chances of getting more bites.

Explore the nuances of the rate of fall and its various components with insights from Bassmaster Elite Pro Luke Palmer at The Bass University.

Bass Fishing Lure Rate of Fall with Luke Palmer Chapters

  • 1:25: What is Rate of Fall
  • 3:15: Factors of Rate of Fall
  • 6:00: Line Sizes 
  • 8:15: Weight Sizes
  • 11:50: Rod Selection
  • 13:00: Dropshotting 
  • 18:11: When to Change Weight Size
  • 20:20: Line Size

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