Luke Foli, a tournament angler and purveyor of Tincup spirits, sits down with Pete Gluszek to discuss Tincup's classic American Whiskey, tournament fishing and flipping a tube. Flipping a tube lost favor because of the hookup ratio compared to a jig or creature bait, Luke Foli has some tips for getting better hookups and when flipping a tube.

  • 0:21 Luke Foli from Tincup Classic American Whiskey and the new anglers on the team
  • 2:05 Tincup Whiskey's committment to conservation
  • 4:23 Luke Foli loves to fish and plans to return to tournament fishing at a national level
  • 6:20 Flipping a tube when the bite is tough
  • 8:24 Hook for flipping a tube and getting better hookups (if you can find them)
  • 9:33 Pegging the weight on a tube
  • 10:02 Why did people stop flipping a tube?
  • 11:24 Tincup in professional fishing
  • 13:26 Things you may want to know about Tincup Whiskey and a great drink recipe

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