Luke Dunkin joins The Bass University on the Tennessee River in this bass fishing video to talk about fishing bluff banks. Luke believes that bluffs are a great spot to fish for bass throughout the entire year and he's here to share all the secret tips from his years of fishing the Tennessee River. Firstly, Luke shares his top baits for bluff fishing along with some suggestions on sizes, colors, rods, line and how to fish them on bluff banks. Then Luke goes out in search of some bass, utilizing these techniques and demonstrating how to locate productive banks, read the current and make adjustments to put bass in the boat.

  • 0:16 Luke Dunkin loves to fish bluff banks on river systems
  • 0:48 When fish are on a bluff bank pattern
  • 1:34 Luke Dunkin's top bluff fishing bait
  • 2:57 Best tackle setup for fishing Luke's favorite bluff fishing lure
  • 4:40 Luke's favorite bait for shallow bluffs or bluffs with a shelf and tackle (rod & line)
  • 6:09 Luke's setup for when the bite is tough
  • 8:14 Spinnerbait tips and color suggestions for fishing on bluff banks
  • 14:28 Great follow-up to a spinnerbait and how to fish it
  • 17:40 Tips for fishing a soft plastic jerkbait (like a Zoom Fluke) on a bluff
  • 21:00 Bluff Fishing demonstration
    • 21:22 Fishing a jig on bluffs
    • 22:50 Understanding current, eddies and slack water
    • 25:50 Jig fishing tips for current and bluffs
    • 27:07 Cease every opportunity
    • 28:31 Understanding the composition of a bluff bank
    • 29:22 Selecting a bluff bank to fish
    • 31:33 Why bluff fishing is a lot like grass fishing
    • 33:04 What dictates where bass set up
    • 33:47 Spinnerbait fishing a bluff bank
    • 37:14 Switching to spinning tackle

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