Kayak bass fishing has increased rapidly in popularity over the past few years. A large part of what is attracting people to this alternative is the different types of water that can be fished. “The accessibility of kayak fishing is what's so great," said Ryan Lambert. "That's why a lot of people get into it. You can access the backs of creeks, oxbows, beaver ponds, and areas that a normal bass boat wouldn't be able to get to.” In this video, Lambert walks through the basics of preparing for a day in the kayak by explaining how to safely launch your kayak by yourself – which can be challenging for someone who has never done it. Lambert also explains how to get in and out of your kayak, how to store fishing gear on your kayak, and how to safely secure it for travel once your day is done. 

  • 3:35 Preparing To Launch A Kayak
  • 4:55 How To Launch A Kayak
  • 6:40 How To Get Out Of Your Kayak
  • 7:15 Tips For Storing Gear In Your Kayak
  • 7:50 How To Strap Your Kayak Down For Travel

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