Breaking down a new body of water and finding fish can be challenging. That job becomes much easier if you have a system of confidence baits to pick an area apart.  

“It's always good to have three main baits,” said Greg Hackney. “Something that you have confidence in that you feel like you can catch fish that time of the year, out of that cover. ... Those baits will vary some with the cover. If we were on a lake that was full of bushes right now, or we were fishing rocks and boat docks, the color selection might be different. I might tweak the baits slightly." 

Hackney says he relies on a topwater frog, a swim jig, and flipping bait when fishing grass-heavy lakes. These three lures serve three distinct roles but can be interchanged for other techniques. The flipping bait acts as a way to target fish near the bottom that may be tight to cover, the swim jig to target more aggressive bass in the mid-depth ranges, and the topwater frog to entice reaction strikes from actively feeding fish. 

Aside from techniques, Hackney discusses how to break down large grass mats. While they may all look the same, he points out the differences anglers can key in on to help locate more fish. 

Hackney also highlights the importance of having the right gear. While many people opt for braided line when fishing grass, there is a time and place for fluorocarbon. Meanwhile, pairing a high-speed reel with the right rod can be the difference between effectively setting the hook or not being able to get the fish out of the grass at all. 

  • 1:30 Tips For Fishing A Topwater Frog
  • 7:20 Tips For Fishing A Swim Jig
  • 13:30 Tips For Flipping And Pitching
  • 14:00 When To Use Soft Plastics Over Jigs
  • 22:10 How To Cover Water To Find Fish
  • 24:45 How To Find Key Areas In Grass Mats
  • 27:50 How To Retrieve A Swim Jig
  • 41:15 Importance Of Using Multiple Techniques
  • 45:10 Difference Between Braid And Flourocarbon
  • 46:00 How To Handle Fishing A Cold Front
  • 47:30 How To Spot Differences In Grass Mats
  • 49:30 Importance Of Tight-Line Hooksets
  • 58:20 Finding The Right Equipment For Fishing Grass
  • 59:45 How To Present A Topwater Frog

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