Greg Hackney doesn't believe that you always have to finesse fish smallmouth with spinning tackle and light line. In this seminar, he shares how he adapted the techniques he's used all his life to be effective when fishing for smallmouth bass. Greg explains his lightbulb moment of realizing that the fish he caught could have been caught with beefier tackle. Then he talks about the process of tweaking tackle and making the right decisions about when and how to set the hook to land more big smallmouth bass. Lastly, Hackney goes over his favorite baits for smallmouth bass flipping.

  • 0:11 Taking your home water experience on the road is the key to Greg Hackney's smallmouth flipping success
  • 4:09 Observations from fishing for smallmouth
    • 4:42 Hook changes when flipping for smallmouth
    • 5:38 Fishing line change for smallmouth bass flipping
  • 7:06 How smallies relate to grass and rocks in lakes with other predators
  • 9:28 Flipping for smallmouth is Greg Hackney's efficiency approach for 5 bass limit tournaments
  • 12:10 Does Greg Hackney ever use lead?
  • 13:25 Greg Hackney's flipping stick bend characteristics
  • 16:01 The right hookset to catch more smallmouth bass
  • 20:34 Differences between largemouth and smallmouth on the cover that they relate to
  • 24:54 Baby Rodent is Greg Hackney's favorite smallmouth flipping bait
  • 32:21 Greg Hackney's other favorite bass flipping baits for smallmouth bass
  • 49:10 The deal with extra wide gap (EWG) style hooks and modification for getting better hookups
  • 53:39 Color selection based on water temperature and water color

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