While there's a whole generation of anglers utilizing electronics to locate big schools of bass offshore, Major League Fishing tournament bass fisherman Greg Hackney encourages you not to forget to beat the banks any time of year for some of the biggest tournament bass, especially for a 5 bass limit format. Many anglers plan their trip to the bank around the spawn, but shortly after it's over, they're back out looking for offshore structure. Greg shares his perspective on fish migrations and baits that will catch bass all year long in shallower water. All the fish may not go all the way to the backs of creeks, but Greg shares some tips on where to look for them, shares why spots with resident fish are good, strategy for multi-day tournaments, baits for every season and more! So, join Greg Hackney in this digitally remastered bass fishing educational seminar class video on fishing shallow all year long.

  • 0:22 Why Greg Hackney is known for fishing shallow water fishing and why he spends so much time close to shore
  • 4:15 Seasonal shallow patterns vs resident shallow water bass
  • 5:17 Spots that consistently hold bass and get repopulated
  • 10:44 Pattern fishing shallow water bass
  • 11:36 Deep fishing vs shallow fishing and why Greg chooses one over the other
  • 12:44 Single day tournaments vs multi-day events
  • 14:53 Triggering a shallow water fish vs triggering a school offshore
  • 18:33 Greg Hackney's Summertime shallow water bass fishing approach and baits, like the Strike King Ocho
  • 20:18 Fall transition and when to find the big bass in shallow water and biats to catch them, like the Strike King Red Eye Shad
  • 27:01 Lake clarity and how it's changed over the years
  • 30:11 Winter fishing shallow water for bass
  • 39:22 Greg Hackney's thoughts on fish moving miles in seasonal migrations and waves of spawning
  • 43:48 Not all tournaments can be won shallow, but you also can't win every tournament
  • 48:59 Does Greg Hackney slow down the presentation when cranking cold water?

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