In this remastered electronics bass fishing seminar class video, Greg Hackney shares how electronics are just as important in shallow water as anywhere else on the lake. Sure, you can put your rod in the water to see how deep it is, but your electronics can tell you so much more about where you're fishing than just how deep it is. Greg Hackney runs his electronics all the time, and he wants to know everything he can about the area he caught a fish from. Was there any cover there? What kind of grass was the bass in? There are many questions that your electronics can help you answer in shallow water, so be sure to use your GPS, mapping, sonar, down imaging and side imaging all the time.

  • 0:24 The importance of electronics when fishing in shallow water
  • 2:59 Using mapping, gps and tracks efficiently and effectively fish an area
  • 5:58 Side imaging (SideVu on Garmin)
  • 6:41 Panoptix LiveScope and how it suits Grag Hackney's style of fishing (not idling and graphing)
  • 38:45 Electronics setup for maximum mapping capabilities

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