Any time Greg Hackney isn't up in a tree stand, he likes to be fishing bushes. It can be great habitat for bass from January through the start of deer hunting season. In this bass fishing instructional seminar video, Hack Attack breaks down pre spawn through the summer in two iterations: once to talk about where to look for the bass, and again to talk about the tackle he uses to catch bass during those seasons or phases of the spawn. Learn how bass migrate and hold on bushes in the pre spawn and post spawn, and how bass setup in the bushes during the peak spawn. After the bass are done mating, Greg shares his jig fishing tips for the shad spawn. Before answering student questions, Hackney goes through his favorite jigs, soft plastics, trailers, weights, line, rods & reels for fishing and flipping bushes during these times. Lastly, Greg answers several questions from The Bass University students about other forms of vegetation, braid vs fluorocarbon fishing line, the best all around trailer and when to stick with or abaondon a bush flipping pattern based on water level and phase of the spawn.

  • 0:16 Pre spawn flipping bushes for bass - what you need to look for during this time when the water's still cold that lead bass to the bushes and what areas aren't as productive
  • 8:14 Spawn - What areas are most productive as the water warms up and when the bass are moving up on beds
  • 13:07 Post Spawn - With the spawn completed, Greg Hackney shares the bushes he targets as the bass work their way out to their summer pattern
  • 19:36 Summer - When and where do bass setup on bushes in the hottest months of the year?
  • 24:54 Tackle for fishing bass during these seasons
    • 25:15 Lures, trailers and line for fishing for bass in bushes during the pre spawn
    • 29:45 Soft plastics, fishing rods and line for bass fishing in bushes during the spawn
    • 35:30 Swim jig and flipping jig for fishing the shad spawn
    • 39:11 How you want baits to fall in the summer and Greg Hackney's 3 favorite baits for flipping in summertime hot water
  • 45:02 Up North, can you fish these patterns in reeds or other vegetation instead of bushses?
  • 46:43 Where to fish the new Strike King Rage Punch Bug
  • 48:17 Can you flip bushes in the fall and winter seasons as well?
  • 51:22 Matted grass vs bushes & wood cover
  • 53:09 Does the sounds of braid as it goes over cover cause any concern when flipping for bass?
  • 53:42 What to do if you're breaking off jigs on the hookset with braid
  • 55:10 The trailer that Greg Hackney uses on his jig 90% of the time
  • 56:54 When to bail on the bush pattern based on water level changes depending on where you are in the spawn

If you're interested in flipping for smallmouth bass, shallow cranking or shallow electronics, check out all Greg Hackney's bass fishing classes.

About Greg Hackney

Greg Hackney is a bass fishing tourment professional with 25 years of tournament experience. He's fished the BASS, FLW & MLF tours, winning BASS's angler ot the year award in 2014, FLW's Forrest Wood Cup Championship in 2009 and the MLF General Tire World Championship in 2018. In total, Greg Hackney has 11 top-level tournament wins. At the time of this writing, he's amassed around $4m in tournament winnings. Hackney is know for flipping and pitching shallow water cover, like bushes, trees, grass and other vegetation. Flipping jigs and soft plastics in these types of cover are responsible for a great deal of his tournament success. 

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