2016 Bassmaster Classic champion Edwin Evers was in Tulsa, OK in January to talk about something he and bass both love, the shad spawn. There are some things we don't exactly know about the shad spawn, but it's a magical time, when hungry bass gorge on easy prey. If you have shad in your lake, you'll want to learn the secrets for fishing this window of opportunity to catch some big bass while they're super active.

  • 0:49 What is the shad spawn to Edwin Evers? How does it differ from a herring spawn?
  • 2:21 When does the shad spawn occur and how do I identify that it's going on?
  • 5:13 What time of day do shad spawns happen, and how can I incorprate that into my day of bass fishing?
  • 8:46 Where do I fish for bass during the shad spawn?
  • 15:39 What are the top 3 baits that Edwin Evers uses for catching bass during the shad spawn? Edwin offers some tips about selecting sizes & colors and how to fish these lures as well.
  • 21:19 Other tackle considerations for fishing Edwins favorite shad spawn baits (rods, reels, line, etc)
  • 26:00 Questions and answers from Bass University class students
  • 28:55 What to do when the shad spawn is over
  • 30:33 More questions about the shad spawn from Bass University in-class students

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