As a professional bass angler, Edwin Evers is often asked, "What is the best lure?" or "If you had to choose one lure, what would it be?". Bassmaster Classic champion Evers believes, for him, that one lure would be a jig. It's versatile, and can be fishing in all seasons. He believes that bass primarily feed on three things, and the jig is able to imitate all three. Evers joined us in January 2019, in Tulsa, OK to share his approach to jig fishing.

In this seminar, Edwin covers how he approaches jig fishing in a "prepared for anything" fashion. Ever had the color you wanted, but not the right type or size? Edwin's approach to being prepared ensures he has what he needs without loading his boat with every color, size and style jig combination on the planet.

Also in this customized jig fishing seminar with Edwin Evers, you will learn:

  • 9:05 Fall rate - what effects fall rate and what can you do to speed up or slow down how fast your jig falls to the bottom?
  • 11:05 Football Jigs - what sizes edwin fishes in various situations and the trailers he likes for this jig type
  • 17:45 Ball Head Jigs - Learn what determines the hooks size Edwin uses in this jig type, and when he feels like this jig excels over others
  • 22:15 Arkie Jig - Learn the situations you should probably be fishing this jig over the football jig and see what trailers are good for this style
  • 23:50 Swim Jigs - Learn what makes this such a versatile bait, trimming the weed guard, and hook & color selections for this jig type
  • 27:00 Grass Jigs - Not every place has grass and needs a jig like this, which is often over 1oz, but learn where Edwin fishes it and when you might need one
  • 28:45 Equipment - The rods, reels and line that Edwin Evers likes for fishing a rod

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