In this remastered Bass University bass fishing class seminar, Mike Iaconelli talks about different ways to fish a football jig. Ike caught his biggest tournament bass on Lake Amistad using a football jig, and he recounts the amazing story of catching the bass and losing his breakfast in this video. Mike talks about the tackle he uses in this class, as well as his preferred jig trailers, but he focuses most of his time on the techniques he uses to fish a football jig. Learn how to fish a football jig several different ways in this remastered class with Mike Iaconelli.

  • 5:09 What makes the football head jig different than traditional jigs and flipping jigs?
  • 8:54 Where to fish a football jig
  • 9:47 Techniques for fishing a football jig for bass
    • 10:42 Free falling a jig and Mike Iaconelli's biggest tournament bass
    • 19:14 Stroking or ripping a jig to make bass bite
    • 25:28 Advantage of dragging a football jig
    • 28:31 Skipping and swimming a football jig
    • 33:09 Finesse football jigs
  • 34:16 Mike Iaconelli's tackle for fishing a football jig
  • 36:13 Football jig trailers for different temperatures

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