In this Bass University session on the water, join renowned Bass Fishing Hall of Famer Mike "IKE" Iaconelli to discover a crucial addition for challenging days of fishing.

Ike refers to it as the "Panic Box," a vital container on his boat containing solutions for when fishing is tough and you're struggling to get a bite. Inside the box, Ike keeps various baits, including a hair jig, a grub, a finesse jerk bait, and even an inline spinner. These baits play a significant role for Ike when the fish aren't biting well, and downsizing becomes essential. Mike shares a story about how the panic box rescued him in a past tournament and how it can help you as well.

Mike also discusses the specific rod and reel setups he uses for each bait in the panic box, emphasizing the importance of spinning gear or BFS gear with light line.

On the water, Ike demonstrates how to catch fish using finesse techniques, providing insights into fishing with a grub and a finesse jerk bait.

Explore Ike's panic box and understand why having one on your boat is crucial when fishing becomes challenging in this revamped Bass University session featuring Hall of Fame angler Mike Iaconelli.

Mike Iaconelli's Panic Box for Tough Bass Fishing Conditions Chapters

  • 0:10: What is a Panic Box?
  • 1:55: Inside Ikes Panic Box
  • 3:40: Importance of Panic Box
  • 6:00 Rod and Reel Setups
  • 9:33: Favorite Panic Baits
  • 15:15: How to Rig a Grub
  • 16:40: Hair Jigs
  • 21:30: Fishing a Grub
  • 26:46: Fishing Finesse Jerkbaits

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