Mike Iaconelli – the 2003 Bassmaster Classic Champion – has made a lot of money throughout his career from fishing a variety of different jigs. While traditional flipping jigs are great for pitching around docks and other shallow cover – and swim jigs shine during the shad spawn – football jigs excel in deeper water and offshore structure. In this seminar, Iaconelli shares his favorite jig fishing tips, which includes his three favorite methods of fishing a football jig to target offshore bass. Iaconelli also goes into detail on how to pick the best jig trailer depending on the time of year and when to throw a football jig. 

  • 1:40 What Is A Football Jig?
  • 4:25 Where And When To Throw A Football Jig
  • 8:00 Best Water Temperatures To Throw A Football Jig
  • 10:20 Three Best Ways To Fish A Football Jig
  • 14:40 How To Pick The Right Jig Trailer
  • 25:45 How To Drag A Football Jig
  • 38:35 How To Stroke A Football Jig
  • 44:40 How To Bottom Swim A Football Jig

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