Smallmouth Bass Football Jig Fishing - Hartman
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Smallmouth Bass Football Jig Fishing - Hartman


Bassmaster Elite Series bass fishing tournament pro Jamie Hartman is back on the water to talk about a killer smallmouth technique using a jig he helped design. The bait is called a Riot Baits Lil' Creeper Jig. In this 13-minute instructional video, Jamie discusses the equipment he uses to fish this bait and why, including why he likes a 7.5:1 gear ratio casting reel, fishing line preferences, what he likes about the Cashion Rods 7'4" Medium Heavy Rod and more. Hartman talks about the elements of this jig that make it a smallmouth-bass-catching bait. From the head design, to hook diameter, to skirt material, each element has been carefully analyzed. Jamie talks about trying different knots for this bait, and demonstrates tying the one that he's found to be the best, including a pro tip for keep grass from collecting on your knot. Learn other key information in this video, like color selection for your jig, when and where to fish this lure, how to know that you're fishing it correctly, how to trigger strikes & how to get the hook set when they bite.

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