Ott Defoe was in Pennsylvania a few years ago to talk about fishing rocks. In this completely remastered bass fishing class seminar video, Ott discusses what he thinks rocks really are (structure vs. cover) and how bass relate to them and use them for feeding. Ott compares rocks to other fishing targets, like wood and shares the pros and cons of targeting rocks. Learn the difference between God-made and man-made rocks structures and how you can save yourself a lot of headaches and money by fishing the right types of lures around each type. Lastly, learn the seasonal locations for targeting rocky banks.

  • 0:06 Rocks are often overlooked bass fishing cover
  • 1:16 Difference between cover and structure
  • 3:17 What rocks do and don't offer as compared to other forms of cover
  • 8:54 Rip rap banks, shade or sun?
  • 10:19 Preferred rock size based on conditions and finding key portions of a rock vein
  • 16:36 Funnel areas & migration routes
  • 19:38 Rock transitions (sand, clay, mud, gravel, boulders, concrete, etc)
  • 26:02 Fishing God-made vs man-made rocky areas
  • 28:16 Slope of the bank based on season
  • 30:40 Patterning bass on a rocky lake
  • 34:28 Bass fishing rocks question & answer with Ott Defoe

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