In this bass fishing class seminar video, Ott Defoe shares his tips for fishing crankbaits successfully. He begins by breaking down what about crankbaits is appealing to bass. Then he highlights the attributes you should consider when selecting a crankbait to catch bass, depending on a number of variables. Lastly, he talks about fishing crankbaits at a number of different depth ranges and the tackle he uses to fish them.

  • 0:09 Young people, fish in whatever competition groups are available. You don't have to have a high school club.
  • 1:42 Crankbaits are Ott's confidence bait
  • 5:11 Reasons why crankbaits work
    • 8:05 Crankbait speed
    • 12:31 Reaction bites
    • 16:09 Fishing the right angles
  • 21:29 How crankbaits work - selecting the right crankbait
  • 32:55 Cover for fishing crankbaits
  • 39:27 When to fish a crankbait
  • 42:01 Fishing crankbaits in deep water
  • 43:55 Mid-depth crankbait bass fishing
  • 45:40 Shallow cranking
  • 48:21 Crankbait fishing gear - tackle for fishing crankbaits (rod, reel, line)
  • 53:01 Electronics in crankbait fishing
  • 57:27 Change crankbait hooks or not?

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