Fishing Highland Reservoirs - Winter & Spring - Ott Defoe

Fishing Highland Reservoirs - Winter & Spring - Ott Defoe


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What are highland reservoirs, and how do I catch bass in them? Primarily, highland reservoirs are characterized by their deep, clear water with steep banks, which are often composed of rock, like Cherokee Lake. In this bass fishing instructional video seminar, Bassmaster tournament fisherman Ott Defoe will help you build a plan for catching fish in highland reservoirs, focusing on Winter and Spring.

Ott Defoe will begin by discussing location and bait selection (crankbaits, jerkbaits, jigs, minnows and swimbaits) for catching bass in the winter. Ott exlains what part the steep cliff walls and creek channels play in your winter fishing strategy on these deep reservoirs. Ott will also share other structure and cover, besides rocks, to target when fishing these clear bodies of water. Mr. Defoe will discuss how deep the bass will usually go in the winter, when you should expect them to transition to shallower water, and following the food source (shad, herring, etc.). 

Ott moves on to Spring, the transition time, when bass begin to move the predicatable migration routes toward spawning areas. He will share specifics, secrets and tips about his favorite baits for catching them in the spring (crankbaits, jigs, plastics, topwater, swimbaits and jerkabits). This video will help you know when to target deep and when to look shallow in highland reservoirs, during the spring bass migration.

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Its the little subtle techniques that make you a better angler in this sport and here you can get them right from the pros mouths.
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