In this remastered bass fishing seminar class video, Ott Defoe shares seasonal patterns and tips for fishing a new body of water. Ott discusses highland and lowland reservoirs as well as various types of river systems. Watch this video if you want to know how to attack any new lake or river in the winter, spring, summer or fall (autumn). 

  • 0:09 How to attack a lake or river that's brand new to you
  • 2:18 Seasonal considerations for new bodies of water
  • 2:56 Weather considerations
  • 4:22 Current water conditions
  • 7:42 Seasonal patterns
    • 7:42 Highland Reservoirs - Beaver Lake, Cherokee & Table Rock, for instance
    • 20:42 Lowland Reservoirs - Tennessee River & Coosa River chains, for instance
    • 27:56 River Systems - Dammed, tidal and free-flowing rivers
  • 31:49 Things you should do when fishing a new lake or river
  • 32:53 Things you should NOT do on a new lake or river

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