Jared Lintner has recently relocated to Georgia. In this on the water class, it was Lintner's first time bass fishing with a crankbait in the winter on Lake Lanier. Lintner starts by breaking down what you're looking for in good cranking areas for the winter. Before going out in search of bass, he does a walk-through of his favorite winter cranking tackle, baits and colors. With all his Jackall crankbaits and Daiwa Tatula rods and reels, Lintner hits some prime winter natural rock and riprap banks in search of winter bass.

  • 0:18 Considerations for cranking in the winter
  • 1:12 What you're looking for in a good winter cranking area
  • 5:49 Selecting crankbaits for bass fishing in the winter months
  • 10:24 Tackle for fishing winter crankbaits (rod, reel, line & hooks)
  • 15:58 Winter crankbait fishing can be fun, but it can also be frustrating. You want to be near the right kind of structure with the right weather conditions
  • 19:20 Jared Lintner fishing a bridge on Lake Lanier in the winter with a medium depth crankbait
  • 21:41 Retrieve speed and reel speed
  • 24:44 Lintner identifies a nice natural rock area for fishing in the winter
  • 29:44 Jared Lintner's wrap-up on winter cranking

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