Join Bass University as Greg "Hack Attack" Hackney, a Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Champion, shares his expertise on the importance of understanding current bass fishing. Greg discusses the factors that drive current, including current events, locks and dams, and key areas. He emphasizes that understanding the current is crucial for success, whether fishing in a river or other bodies of water. Timing is a key factor in all things bass fishing, especially fishing currents. Hackney will walk you through his entire process A-Z to help you better understand current and more importantly become a better angler. 

If you want to enhance your river fishing strategies and gain a better understanding of bodies of water, don't miss this opportunity to learn from Bassmaster Angler of the Year Greg Hackney and Bass University.

Greg Hackney's Understanding Summer Current Class Chapters

  • 0:20: What Drives Current 
  • 9:24: The Current Events 
  • 18:35: Shut Down 
  • 21:18: Locks and Dams 
  • 25:00: Key Areas 
  • 40:00: Greg Hackney Q&A

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