Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Champion Greg “Hack Attack” Hackney joins Bass University for this seminar on relying on his old school bass fishing style while incorprating new technology to stay competitive. 

Hackney is as old school as it gets, yet he has been successful in this new age of technology. Greg breaks down how to be a versatile angler with new technology and harps on the fact that you still need to pattern fish without relying on forward facing sonar. Hackney teaches that relying on sonar all the time is not ideal, as turning it off in certain situations can lead to more bites.

If you want to learn about Greg Hackney's approach to incorporating new technology into a comprehensive bass fishing strategy that allows him to remain competitive on the Elite Series; check out this seminar with Hackney available exclusively on Bass University. 

Greg Hackney's Old School Bassin' with New Electronics Class Chapters

  • 0:18: Hackney Introduction 
  • 1:15: Old and New Technology 
  • 21:00: Become Versatile 
  • 25:13: Understanding Sonar 
  • 30:00: Fishing Pressure 
  • 38:30: Greg Hackney Q&A

Greg Hackney Bass Fishing Class Summary

  • Greg Hackney relies on old-school bass fishing style with a blend of new technology to stay competitive in the Bassmaster Elite Series.
  • Greg emphasizes the importance of versatility and pattern fishing alongside new technology, advocating against solely relying on forward-facing sonar.
  • Hack Attack offers insights on understanding sonar, managing fishing pressure, and incorporating a balanced approach to technology and traditional techniques.
  • Seminar available exclusively on Bass University, covering topics such as old and new technology, versatility, sonar usage, and handling fishing pressure.

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