When many anglers decide to go flipping and pitching for bass, they decide between using a jig or a soft plastic bait. However, there is a often a place for both when targeting bass throughout the year. In this seminar, Taylor Watkins explains the different times type of lure may succeed, and when it’s time to switch things up. Watkins also shares a handful of his personal jig modifications to help you catch more bass. 

  • 1:00 Keep Things Simple
  • 4:50 Soft Plastic Flipping Gear Setup
  • 10:45 Flipping Jig Gear Setup
  • 12:40 Wintertime Tips
  • 17:25 Location vs. Bait
  • 20:40 Plastic Bait Selection
  • 24:10 Finesse Jigs
  • 25:00 Pre-Spawn Jig Fishing
  • 27:00 Varying Presentations
  • 30:00 Stickbaits
  • 31:00 Post-Spawn Techniques
  • 37:25 Finding Summer Bass

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