JT Kenney has years of experience fishing lakes in Florida, and he's here to share a technique that's often overlooked, and can often be deadly for catching Florida bass. That technique is jerkbait fishing. In this video, JT will tell you when this bait shines, the tackle you'll need to fish it, and how to fish a shallow water jerkbait in Florida.

Main Jerkbait Fishing in Florida Topics

  • 0:50 A jerkbait isn't always the best bait in Florida, but there's times when it is
  • 1:17 The best jerkbait to fish in Florida...this IS your grandfather's jerkbait
  • 2:27 Florida jerkbait color selection. JT Kenney shares the primary winter forage for bass in Florida to help "match the hatch"
  • 3:12 The importance of selecting the right buoyancy of jerkbait in Florida
  • 3:59 What to do if the fish are nipping the bait or barely getting hooked, JT Kenney has a tip for you
  • 4:53 Tackle for Florida jerkbait fishing (rod, reel, line, hooks, etc)
  • 7:47 Knot for fishing a jerkbait
  • 9:35 Controlling the rise of the jerkbait
  • 11:59 A tournament when JT Kenney utilized the jerkbait to save a tournament day
  • 13:01 Water clarity for fishing a jerkbait. What does that mean in Florida?

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