2024 Bassmaster Classic Champion Justin Hamner teams up with Bass University to give up all the secrets of the exact technique that helped him win the Bassmaster Classic on Grand Lake, a Jerkbait. 

Hamner dives into everything about jerkbaits. Rod, reel, and line selection are crucial for success according to Hamner. Justin talks about multiple jerkbaits that are in his arsenal, and what to look for when picking a jerkbait. 

Justin breaks down his retrieve and cadence when fishing a jerkbait, varying depending on the time of year and conditions. The Classic Champ walks you through the seasons and how he approaches each season differently when fishing his confidence lure, the jerkbait.

If you want to unlock your full potential when fishing a jerkbait, look no further than learning from this exclusive Bass University class taught by Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Bassmaster Classic Champion Justin Hamner. 

Hamner's Classic-Winning Bait Class Chapters

  • 0:30: Justin Hamner Love Jerkbaits
  • 1:12: Why Fish a Jerkbait? What Makes it so Good?
  • 6:07: Different Types of Jerkbaits 
  • 10:20 What Makes a Good Jerkbait 
  • 13:45: Jerkbait Fishing Gear
  • 17:35: Spring Season
  • 21:05: Hot Summer Jerkbaits
  • 28:11: Fall/Autumn
  • 33:07: Winter 
  • 38:56: Jerkbait Bass Fishing Q&A

Bassmaster Classic Champion Justin Hamner's Class Summary

  • Justin Hamner, 2024 Bassmaster Classic Champion, teams up with Bass University to break down his winning technique: fishing a jerkbait.
  • Hamner covers rod, reel, and line selection, as well as his preferred jerkbaits and what to consider when choosing one.
  • He details his retrieve and cadence strategies for different seasons, offering insights on how to adapt to varying conditions.
  • The class includes chapters on introduction to jerkbaits, types of jerkbaits, gear, and seasonal approaches, followed by a Q&A session.
  • Featured jerkbaits used to win the Bassmaster Classic include the Yo Zuri 3db, Megabass Vision 110, and Yo Zuri Hardcore Flat Minnow.


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