Hack Attack, Greg Hackney, joins Bass University Live after the Harris Chain and St Johns River Bassmaster Elite tournaments. Greg and "The Dean" have an in-depth discussion on running tides and "when the tide's right", and how understanding those concepts can make all the difference on a tidal fishery. Greg discusses his approach to Bassmaster Elite tournaments, focusing on the last two tournaments. Hackney discusses his desire to make the Classic each year and how that determined his decision to not lock through on the Harris Chain because the risk was too great after having a slow start to the season.

Concerning baits, Greg breaks down the 1/2oz spinnerbait he was fishing along with details about trailer hook and trailer choices when you're burning a spinnerbait. Why is heavier better, watch and find out. Another juicy tip, Hackney talks about why he likes trailer hooks on spinnerbaits, a plastic trailer on jigs and prefers a frog over a skirt on buzzbaits...but not in practice.

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