This video was recorded at iCast 2017 with Pete Gluszek, Mike Iaconelli, Cliff Crochet (aka Cajun Baby) and Gene Jensen (aka Flukemaster). There's lots of fishin talk, but there are 5 primary fishing products that were all introduced at iCast 2017:

  • New Luck E Strike Cajun Wake - a wakebait designed to make a maximum wake and generate a lot of noise with one big knocker. This lure is not yet available for pre-order on Tackle Warehouse at the time of this writing, but the bait is expected to be released sometime in the fall of 2017.
  • Bill Lewis StutterStep 4.0 - The smaller version of the Stutterstep 5.0 topwater bait from Bill Lewis Lures, which was introduced in 2016. This bait has all the same great walk-the-dog action of the original 5.0 in a smaller package. These new topwater plugs are expected to retail for $9.99.
  • ONE3 by 13 Fishing Fate Black Casting Rods - Flukemaster talks about these new bright green fishing rods, how they are balanced, and why he loves them. They are scheduled to retail for $99.99 and are currently available for pre-order from Tackle Warehouse.
  • New $29.99 13 Fishing Spinning Reel - Flukemaster also introduces a spinning reel, which he says is expected to retail for under $30. This reel is not yet available, and we don't have an expected release date yet.
  • 13 Fishing Concept "Z" No Bearing Casting Reel - This is the reel everyone was talking about at iCast 2017, the bright orange reel that purports to cast up to 33% further and has no bearings. Flukemaster talks a little about the reel and how it works. It is available for pre-order at Tackle Warehouse for $199.99 at the time of this writing and expected to ship in Spring of 2018.

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